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Dr. Damian Powell - Principal

The Principal is responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the College in all its aspects.

Dr Damian Powell graduated with First Class Honours in history and archaeology from the University of Melbourne, winning the Margaret Kiddle Prize for history, the William Cullican Prize for archaeology, and the Dwight Prize for combined honours, and working on the University's Tell Ahmar Archaeological Expedition in Syria. His doctorate was awarded the E.W. Benham Prize by the University of Adelaide. During his academic career Dr Powell has lived and worked in six university colleges in Australia, also lecturing in New Zealand at the University of Canterbury. 

Among other positions, Dr Powell served on the Expert Panel for the Human Rights Commission review of Women in the Australian Defence Force, as a Director of Ballarat and Queen’s Anglican Grammar School, and as a Voting Trustee for the Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion (CUAC). A Senior Fellow in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, he speaks and publishes on aspects of Australian and British legal and military history.


Some selected writings:
> The Australian Defence Force Academy “Skype sex scandal”: lessons on leadership and ethics
> Having the guts to aim high: the potential of a residential setting outweighs the pitfalls
> 2016 Anzac Day Chapel Service Address, at the Chapel of Trinity College and Janet Clarke Hall

Fiona Cadorel - Vice-Principal

The Vice-Principal is deputy to the Principal, and responsible to the Principal for the day-to-day leadership of the College in his absence. She is responsible for the academic and pastoral well being of students, working closely with members of the Senior Common Room to provide support to the student body.

Ms Fiona Cadorel holds an Arts degree from the University of Tasmania, majoring in Geography and Environmental Science and Sociology and a Diploma of Education from the University of Melbourne. Ms Cadorel was a teacher at Methodist Ladies’ College for 12 years and was a member of the Middle School Executive committee as a Middle School Student Coordinator for 7 years.

Ms Cadorel specialises in Geography and Environmental Science and Indigenous Studies, and has had extensive residential experience, being a residential teacher at Methodist Ladies’ College’s remote campus, Marshmead, the Aboriginal Cultural Exchange Coordinator and a residential tutor at Janet Clarke Hall. Ms Cadorel also held the position of Indigenous Cultural Activities Coordinator, working closely with Indigenous scholarship students while at Methodist Ladies’ College.

Donna Davies - Director of Studies

The Director of Studies is responsible for the academic programmes of the College, and works closely with the Vice-Principal on matters of academic and pastoral well-being.

Mrs. Donna Davies holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Science from RMIT University, and has held a range of senior positions in the secondary school sector, including Senior School curriculum coordinator at Methodist Ladies' College, Kew. Mrs Davies has lectured at RMIT and Monash Universities and Strode College in the United Kingdom. She has residential experience in boarding schools, including the Millfield School, the largest co-educational boarding school in the United Kingdom.

Mrs Davies also works for the International Baccalaureate Organisation as a reviewer and author of the Sports and Exercise Health Science international curriculum. She is the co-author of two secondary school text books, Jump Start 7 and 8 and Jump Start 9 and 10 (2007, 2011, 2014) published by Cambridge Press. Mrs Davies plays competition tennis and enjoys walking and supporting intercollegiate sport.

Shelley Roberts - Director of Development

The Director of Development works closely with the Principal and members of the Advancement Committee and is responsible for the College’s fund-raising program.

Ms Shelley Roberts graduated with Honours in English Language and Literature from the University of Melbourne in 1974. The following year she moved to the UK where she obtained a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of London and taught English for two years at a school in Surrey.

A move into book publishing in London preceded a return to Australia and a long career in the world of books, encompassing senior communications and marketing roles in publishing, book-selling and libraries. An alumna of Janet Clarke Hall, Shelley treasures her memories of College days and welcomes the opportunity to re-engage with JCH in this development role. She can be contacted at development@jch.unimelb.edu.au or by phone on 03 9349 7180.

Jennifer Smith - Bursar

The Bursar is responsible to the Principal for the financial well being of College, and works closely with Council and Principal to regulate financial policies.

Ms Jennifer Smith is a Fellow of the CPA Australia, a member of Governance Institute Australia, holds a Bachelor of Business from Swinburne University and post graduate qualifications in finance and accounting from Monash University. Jennifer has over 25 years experience working in ASX and not for profit entities. She has held senior finance roles in the media, commodity trading and transport and logistics sectors prior to moving to the not for profit sector to focus on financial sustainability, risk management and governance in independent schools.

She has worked as a Company Secretary and Treasurer in a paid and volunteer capacity, is a participant in the Mentor the Treasurer program with ProBono Australia and a regular presenter for Governance Institute.

Roger Ward - IT Coordinator

The IT Coordinator is responsible for the administration of the College computer infrastructure and websites.

Mr Roger Ward has had a broad tertiary education studying Biochemistry and Occupational Medicine at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK. Prior to taking on his role as IT Coordinator at JCH, Roger spent many years in IT service management and project management. Roger also teaches cyber security as well as working as an independent IT contractor. Roger passionately spends his free time on security research and education. Roger is a member of the Australian Information Security association (AISA) and .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA) and a certified Information Security Manager.

Roger passionately spends his free time sailing, surfing and researching cyber security.

Bruce Stewart - Facilities Manager

The Facilities Manager is responsible for the efficient operation of the College buildings and grounds as a prestigious student accommodation community. The role includes management of the daily in-house and contractor-provided services as well as the supervision of building and renovation projects.

Mr Bruce Stewart began his career in food service and hospitality management which progressed into multi-service delivery and project management. Bruce has held senior positions with major service providers including SHRM, Compass Group, Tempo and Eastern Healthcare Network.

Most recent assignments include management of projects for Fortesque Metals Group in the Pilbara, Australian Defence Force in East Timor and United Nations in Afghanistan.

Jennifer Martin - Librarian / Records Officer

The Librarian is responsible for the management and expansion of the college library as well as the preservation of the college's archival collection.

Ms. Jennifer Martin holds a BA in Psychology and Sociology from the University of NSW, an MA in Sociology from the University of NSW, a Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Management from the University of Canberra and a Graduate Diploma in Educational Psychology from Monash University. Jennifer is currently undertaking her PhD at Monash University. Jennifer also has many years of library and management experience in both the TAFE and tertiary education sectors.

Mari Nicholls - Bookkeeper

The Bookkeeper is responsible for the College payroll, and daily financial transactions and accounting.

Ms Mari Nicholls holds a diploma in Accounting from the South Australian Institute of Technology and has extensive experience in accounting and bookkeeping. Mari worked in various accountancy practices and in private practice before coming to JCH.

Carolyn Stewart - Office Manager

The Office Manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of the office, acts as the Principal's PA, the Admissions Secretary and handles all conference requirements.

Ms Carolyn Stewart's business qualifications include a Certificate of Business Studies in Accounting and a Graduate Certificate of Business in Project Management from Swinburne University of Technology. Carolyn has extensive financial and administrative experience in commercial environments.

Lisa Haddon - Catering Chef Manager

Scolarest Catering is responsible, through a contract with the college, for the management of the kitchen, and the provision of nutritious food to the college.

Lisa Haddon is the chef manager at Janet Clarke Hall. Lisa trained as a Home Economist and has been professionally cooking for the past 30 years. Lisa has run her own catering business and spent many years in the food industry training and passing on her skills to future chefs.

Student Leadership

Members of the College's Junior Common Room elect a Student Club Executive annually to provide leadership within the Student Club. Its office bearers hold responsibility for social, sporting, and cultural activities within the Student Club, working with the College to provide the best possible experience.

Ms Shani Brampton - President

The Student Club President (Senior Student) is charged with leadership of the Student Club, works closely with the Principal to ensure the wellbeing of the Student Club and the College, and represents the Club at intercollegiate student bodies.

Shani Brampton (Arts, Anthropology & Sociology, via Albany Senior High School, W.A.) entered JCH after a term at the University of Oxford. She has promoted the issue of ‘best practice’ around respectful relationships across the Colleges.

Ms Kelsey Hayes - Vice President

The Student Club Vice-President is deputy to the President, and supports the President in the smooth running of the Club, including through close engagement with the Principal and Vice-Principal.

Kelsey Hayes (Arts, History & Politics, via St Paul's Anglican Grammar School rural Vic.) co-ordinated the College Ball among other aspects of the role.

Mr Oliver Price - Treasurer

The Student Club Treasurer is responsible for the financial wellbeing of the Club and its legal representative as an incorporated body, maintaining the accounts and overseeing income and expenditure in accordance with government regulations.

Oliver Price (Biomedicine, via Braemar College Vic.) is also responsible for the sale of Student Club merchandise and works with student sub-committees around funding needs.

Ms Olympia Sarris - Secretary

The Student Club Secretary is responsible for the administration of the Club including through its Calendar and minutes of meetings. A legal representative of the Club, the Secretary provides a key point of record and communication with the Student body.

Alongside her other duties, Olympia Sarris (Arts, History & Anthopology via Tintern Grammar School Vic.) has worked to update and improve the Student Club Constitution in consultation with the Club and the College Council.

Ms Shaan Hayes - General Representative

The Student Club General Representative provides a vital link between the student body and the College in all matters relating to food service and preparation, working closely with the Vice-Principal including in relation to the College Workscheme programme.

Shaan Hayes (Science, via King George V School, Hong Kong) has transformed the College ‘pantries’ and organised a multitude of themed dinners alongside her other duties.

Mr Will Ross - Arts and Cultural Representative

The Student Club Arts and Cultural Representative is responsible for promoting the cultural life of the Student Club, including through participation in the Intercollegiate Arts and Cultural Council.

Will Ross (Arts, Politics, via Mercedes College S.A.) has worked to ensure that the range of remarkable musical, debating, and artistic talents within the Club is brought to the fore in events such as a combined JCH-Medley 'Wintersong'.

Ms Ruby Jacobs - Female Sports Representative

The Student Club Female Sports Representative oversees the sporting life of the Club in close collaboration with the Male 'Sports Rep', promoting women's sport (social and competitive) within and beyond the Intercollegiate Sports Council.

Ruby Jacobs (Arts, Anthropology & Politics via Moama Anglican Grammar School rural Vic.) has represented the College in sports including netball, and worked to promote sport and physical wellbeing with an eye to participation and enjoyment across the Student Club.

Mr Thomas Skinner - Male Sports Representative

The Student Club Male Sports Representative oversees the sporting life of the Club in close collaboration with the Female 'Sports Rep', promoting men's sport (social and competitive) within and beyond the Intercollegiate Sports Council.

Thomas Skinner (Arts, History & Criminology via Werrimull School rural Vic.) has participated in a range of sports including Rowing and Soccer, working also to assist the Student Executive with Student Club functions and housekeeping duties.


Janet Clarke Hall is governed by a Council, to which the Principal reports on the day-to-day running of the College. Council is chaired by Ms Margie Richardson, with distinguished representatives (many of them old members of the College) drawn from among the professions. The President of the Student Club (the Student Club Executive office bearers are listed below), and a member elected annually from the student club, serve as Council observers.

Chair of CouncilMs Margie Richardson
Deputy ChairMs Jan McGuinness
Chair of Finance and Investment CommitteeMr Anthony Wood
Mr Alex Murphy
Mr Stephen Higgs
Professor Doreen Rosenthal AO
Ms Jenny Ross
Professor Susan Sawyer
Ms Anne Shea
Mr Paul Turner
Professor Julie Willis
PrincipalDr Damian Powell
Company SecretaryMs Jennifer Smith
Student ObserversMs Shani Brampton
Ms Ruby Jacobs


In addition to its Council, the College has a President, a Visitor, and a number of elected Fellows. The Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne, the Most Reverend Philip Freier, is the President of Janet Clarke Hall. The College Visitor (patron in chief), Professsor Peter Doherty AC was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1996 and was Australian of the Year in 1997. Election as a Fellow of the College is the highest honour which the College can bestow, and our current Fellows are among our most distinguished alumna - among them Professsor Elizabeth Blackburn who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2009, Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors, a former head of CSIRO and Lieutenant Governor, and internationally famous writers, scientists, doctors and educators.

President of Janet Clarke HallThe Most Reverend Dr Philip Freier
College VisitorProfessor Peter Doherty AC
FellowsDr Valerie Asche AM
Hon Rosemary Balmford AM
Professor Elizabeth Blackburn AC
Dr Fiona Caro
Professor Adrienne Clarke AC
Mrs Jaanette Enden
Dr Helen Garner
Dr Margaret Henderson OBE
Professor Mary Hiscock
Dame Leonie Kramer AC DBE
Ms Penelope Lewisohn
Professor Lynne Reid
Dr Fay Marles AM
Dr Olive Mence OAM
Professor Cheryl Saunders AO
Professor Gillian Triggs
Professor Sally Walker AM
Professor Judith Whitworth AC