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In 2017, 55 of our 96 students were awarded College scholarships or bursaries (confidential financial support) of between $2,000 and $10,000. While College scholarships are dependent upon income drawn from investments and may be subject to change, it is the intention of the College to support students on scholarships throughout their years as a student in the College at the same or greater level as is initially offered. While the capacity of the College to support students is limited, it is the ambition of Janet Clarke Hall to make residence available to those students for whom the College determines to offer a college place, regardless of their personal financial means. More information can be found on how to apply for bursary support below.

Fees for 2018

The University of Melbourne’s research estimates that the cost of living for a student wishing to live within 6 kilometres of the Central Business District is on average within a range of $25,000 – $34,000 per annum. In 2018 utilities included in the fee will extend to internet provision, full membership of University Sport (with access to the University pool, gym, and a host of fitness and wellbeing clubs), meals (including packed lunches and late meals upon request), utilities including power, water, and washing facilities, as well as access to an extensive tutorial programme, sporting and social activities, mentoring, and pastoral care. At Janet Clarke Hall, residential fees are paid in three instalments, payable in February, May, and August. The receipt of a College scholarship or bursary will reduce total fees payable.

Undergraduate Student: 2018 Fee: $28,525 (36 weeks) Refundable deposit: $750 Membership of Student Club/ Junior Common Room $390

Graduate Student: 2018 Fee: $28,525 (44 weeks) Refundable deposit: $750 Membership of Student Club/ Senior Common Room $390

How to apply for a scholarship

All new students who apply for entry to Janet Clarke Hall are considered automatically for a scholarship upon admission to the College - you do not need to apply for a scholarship in order to be considered. A selection committee including Council and University membership will consider all applicants with an eye to the following:

Academic achievement

This includes your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or equivalent (OP/ Bursary/ A levels/IB etc.) for students entering from secondary school. For students already studying at the University, we will calculate a grade point average from previous tertiary study.

Other points of distinction

Including community service, scholarship or other notable achievements such as awards, prizes, etc. Supporting material evidencing these achievements must be included with your application in order to be considered by the selection committee.

Please note that it is your responsibility to furnish all relevant information (photocopied documents are acceptable) in order to be considered for a scholarship.

How to apply for a financial support (a college bursary)

Bursaries help students who may need extra financial assistance to live in residence at JCH. All applications for bursaries are kept strictly confidential to the College, and JCH bursaries are provided confidentially so that only the student, their parent, and the College is aware that a bursary has been awarded.

Applicants for financial assistance should complete the bursary application form, to be submitted directly to the College Office in hard copy or via pdf, and may wish to send on other supporting financial information with this bursary application.

Scholarships offered by the University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne offers a range of scholarships which applicants should also consider applying for.